Friday, July 25, 2008


I love living somewhere that people actually visit/move to. My dad is coming into town for a business trip next week, and I'm so darn excited. It will be really, really good to see him. I find myself constantly daydreaming (when I should be studying) about fun places we can go. I'm thinking I want to go to a Civil War Battleground with him because he's such a history buff, and I'd get so much more out of it than if I went by myself.

And if that isn't enough good news, Cristie and her family are moving to Baltimore next month! I'm so excited to see more of them.

And to add even more good news, my class will be DONE in 10 days! In case you were wondering, it is a bad idea to take a doctoral level class dealing with the law as a masters student during an abbreviated summer session. Ugh. But I will be a more diligent blogger after it is over, primarily because I will actually have something more to blog about than patron behavior court cases (in case you were wondering, going barefoot in the library is not protected by your first amendment right to free speech - yes, someone actually sued a library for that).

OK, back to anti-circumvention legislation!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Well, I still haven't found my camera cord, but Miss Independent emailed me some of her pictures, so you get to see some of our Staunton trip.

While Miss Independent was in town, we got her (and her friend Alex) all to ourselves for a day when we took a road trip down to Staunton, the birthplace of Woodrow Wilson, and all-around charming small town in the Shenandoah Valley. I grew up singing the song about Shenandoah, so it was fun to be able to picture the area.

First, we went to Wright's Dairy Rite, an old-fashioned diner. I thought it was a lot of fun - we even had to use the phone provided at the table to order our food. Miss Independent got her food served to her in a car, and I love this picture of her.

Next we went to Woodrow Wilson's birthplace. I think my favorite thing there was learning about Woodrow Wilson's first wife, Ellen. I'd read a lot about Edith (who, incidently, the museum barely mentioned, particularly her role in running the White House while Woodrow was ill, but oh well), and it was fun to see Ellen's paintings, and read about her life.
Some pictures of Rob and I at Woodrow Wilson's Birthplace:

We also went shopping in its downtown, rode a funny little kids' train, and drove around the campus of Mary Baldwin college (because it had started pouring rain by then). It was a really fun day, and it was great to see Miss Independent, who I hadn't seen in two years.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Why I love tourists

So I've become a true commuter. I hop on the metro with my comfortable shoes which I change right before walking into my office, I can read standing up without holding on to the railings, and I can spot the tourists from a mile away. Sometimes they annoy me (like when they stand on the left side of the escalator, grr...), but to be completely honest, I'm quite fond of them.

The tourists may not know the unspoken rules of the metro, but they are thoughtful in a way the locals are not. My favorite is when middle-aged men offer their seats to women that are standing. Locals never give up their seats, at least in my experience. I've even seen old men with canes get on the train, and the people sitting in the chairs marked "federal regulations require these seats be given to the elderly and disabled" won't budge. But tourists will do it, just for the sake of being nice. And they are really grateful, too. If you give them directions, or trade seats with their 5 year old so they can sit together, they make you feel like you just handed them a winning lottery ticket or something. Anyways, I know I'm in the minority, but I find them very refreshing.

I'm lame

A real conversation in my apartment a few days ago:

Rob: So I was thinking we could watch a movie tonight.
Me: Well, I've got a lot of homework tonight ... and I need to wash my hair ...
Rob: Did you really just shoot me down high school style?

Yeah, I'm lame.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


So, Rob and I finally gave in and treated ourselves to a Netflix subscription. What should be on my queue?

P.S. Pictures of my road trip with Miss Independent are coming as soon as I figure out where we unpacked our cord...