Friday, October 31, 2008

Pregnant Brain

So I know that there isn't really any scientific proof that pregnancy makes you absent minded. But I'm really hoping that I can blame pregnancy hormones on the following moments I've had recently:
  • When grabbing leftovers out of the fridge for lunch, I managed to mistake week-old baked potatoes for taco meat (which I discovered when I arrived at the office). Not so good for stuffing into crunchy taco shells and smothering in salsa.
  • Complaining that the commercial break is lasting forever, only to have Rob inform me that this is the very first commercial of this break, and I'd forgotten that the program had been on 20 second earlier.
  • I managed to run some important paperwork through the washing machine. And then the drier. I still maintain that they fell into the laundry basket, and there's no way I could have known it was in there, but still.
Anyways, I thought everyone would appreciate a little humor for their weekend. Enjoy!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Inner English Nerd Comes Out...

One of my classes this semester is a "Young Adults Literature" class. I hadn' t taken any coursework in public libraries, and thought it would be good for me in case I wind up living in small town Montana, which isn't exactly known for its voluminous law libraries. I'm really enjoying it, and it is fun to work a different part of my brain. And my teacher is absolutely fabulous, and I'm learning a lot from her. But because things have been so busy recently, the only fiction I've been reading is YA fiction for this class. Most of what we read is very good, but the writing is for a younger audience, and I've been finding myself over the past few weeks really wanting to read an 800-page Russian novel or something heavy to balance things out in my brain. I'm such a nerd.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quick updates

Comps are done! I'll spare you the gruesome details, but I've been a stressed-out mess the past few weeks, and I feel like myself again now that they are done. :) Now it is just a matter of motivating myself to do my normal homework.
Rob started his new permanent position with a different company, and things seem to be going well so far. We feel very, very grateful that things have worked out, and there was no employment gap when his internship ended. It is also a little weird to feel somewhat settled (although we are considering moving to an apartment closer to where we both work, so not completely settled). I feel like most of my life, I've known I'd be moving in a matter of time. First it was military life, then it was knowing I wanted to go out-of-state for college, then going off to grad school, then going out into the job market. But now Rob & I have absolutely no reason to leave the area, and I'm not used to that. I mean, I'm sure he'll change companies at some point before he retires, everyone does, but we could very easily be living in DC for the rest of our lives. Weird, but a good thing!
I was able to squeeze in visits from two of my good friends this past week, and it was great to see them. I love living somewhere that people go for business. No one goes to Indiana on business, but people I know come here all the time for work, and it is GREAT! I went to the temple with one of my former roommates, and had a high school friend over for dinner & board games. I hadn't seen either of them for years, and it made me very happy to catch up.
I've started showing, and can I just say, I love it? Everyone complains about feeling like a whale or something, but there are a lot of perks about looking pregnant. You know how I said no one gives up their seat on the metro? Oh, people give me their seats all the time now. People offer to help me carry things. Very nice. And people also complain about maternity clothes, but can I just say I love my secret fit belly pants? They are so darn comfortable, I feel like I get to wear my pajamas to work. So nice. Or maybe I'm just excited that I'm finally GAINING weight, where I was just losing it for the first few months.
I celebrated finishing comps by finally giving in and finishing the Twilight series. I don't want to give anything away for people that haven't read it, so I'll keep my comments vague. I'll just say my hormonal pregnantness made reading it a weird experience, but I did enjoy the book, and was very satisfied with how the series ended.
OK, enough randomness, and back to NORMAL, NON-COMPS RELATED HOMEWORK!!! Life is very, very good.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So I took today off of work to work on my comprehensive exams (the exam I need to pass to be awarded my master's degree). Lovely day for my neighborhood to lose power for 4 and a half hours, don't you think? Why would I really need to use my computer to type or research anything?


Oh well, power is back now at least.