Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Five Tag

Sorry I'm not doing real posts - comps start this week, and I'm a stress case! But here's a fun tag from Suzanne.

5 years ago I:
1. Lived in London!
2. Was about to leave on a trip to the Lake District and Scotland.
3. Was being followed around by this kid named Rob that I was worried had a crush on me or something (luckily for me in the long run, he did!).
4. Got to see all kinds of fabulous art, history, and theater on a regular basis.
5. Decided I wanted to go to graduate school.

5 things on today's "to do" list:
1. Write first draft of archives paper
2. Write first draft of YA Lit paper
3. Study for Comps
4. Call a friend for her birthday
5. Eat as much as I can keep down (yes, that is a goal - darn food aversions)

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. McVitties Carmel Digestives!
2. Popcorn with a whole lot of butter
3. Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked
4. Cinnabons (especially because they make me think of my aunt Flossie)
5. Sunchips

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Pay off student loans…
2. Save most of it for practical things (house payments, college fund, etc)
3. Make some donations to my favorite social causes
4. Stay at home with my little girl instead of working
5. Travel

5 places I have lived:
1. DC
2. Indiana
3. Provo
4. Omaha
5. London

Five jobs I have had:
1. Law firm librarian
2. Staff of intern coordinating program
3. Faculty secretary
4. Waitress
5. Retail

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's a girl!

First of all, the big exciting news about my ultrasound is that we're having a girl! Wish me luck - princess stuff is completely out of my league.

Second, ultrasounds are amazing. Aside from the really full bladder part of it. But I wish I had words to communicate how truly amazing it is to see your child, and realize that you haven't just had a chronic case of the flu. It was amazing to see her move around, to see that she loves to keep her hands up by her face, and see her perfect little heart working away. This ultrasound has brought the reality of her arrival home in a way nothing else has. I just can't stop thinking about her, and I can't wait to watch her discover the world and develop her personality.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A few of my favorite things

It has been a rough week, so I allowed myself a pity party for awhile this afternoon. But in exchange, I promised myself I would post five positive things that have happened in the past week. So here goes:
  1. I found a fabulous recipe for blueberry pancakes. I've already made them twice (and have the batter made up to do it again tomorrow morning). Yum!
  2. When I told my coworkers that I'm expecting, one of them offered to knit me a baby sweater, and brought in patterns for me to look at that same afternoon. I love librarians.
  3. We were finally assigned home teachers, and they came by. Really nice guys.
  4. I got free french fries at McDonalds. Given, it was because the guy behind the counter said "good afternoon, sir," when I came up, and he felt so bad he apologized for 2 minutes straight and gave me my food for free. And then I got hit on 30 minutes later on the bus (first time that's happened here). What a weird afternoon. But anyways, free french fries!
  5. I got an unexpected card in the mail from my aunt in CA. It is always nice to know someone is thinking of you.
So those are my five good things. Now it its your turn - what is something good that happened to you this week?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I will not leave my next enrichment meeting maimed!

Quarterly enrichment meetings have always been a little terrifying to me. I should preface this by saying I love attending the club-style enrichment meetings. Book groups, pilates, cooking clubs, small groups of people - very much my kind of thing. But those of you that know me well know that I'm not a coordinated or crafty person. So when the Enrichment activity involves a craft in some form, I know I'm in for it. Me, or the property of the person hosting enrichment. Among my more glowing moments in the past...
  • I can't count the number of times I've burned myself on an iron or hot glue gun at Enrichment. Probably every time I've been handed one.
  • I managed to glue a substantial amount of glitter to someone's table one time. And I'd even put down newspaper to prevent that. I'm still not sure how I manged it, and she never did completely get rid of it (sorry Heidi!).
  • I made a pretty good cut on my finger with an exacto knife on glass etching night. :) No trips to the hospital, but it was memorable enough that for the rest of the evening, one of the young kids in attendance walked around declaring, "OUCH, I'm bleeding!"
  • Knowing my track record, on beanbag-making night, my enrichment leader steered me clear of the scissors, irons, needles, and sewing machines and asked me to fill the beanbags with beans and hand them to the sewers. Seems easy enough. I managed to spill an entire plastic bag of beans on the floor not once. Not twice. But three times. So coordinated.
I have nothing but admiration for women that are crafty, and I think they are very useful skills to have. Shoot, I'd attend a remedial homemaking skills class if it was offered! I'm glad that these activities exist because they are good for carrying on conversations with other women, and there is something soothing about creating something of beauty. But hearing the words "Super Saturday" over the RS announcements this morning made me panic! I walked over to the table of sample projects we'd be doing and felt my usual sense of "what damage will I cause this time" - lovely vases to paint, ornaments to assemble, soaps to make. And then I looked closer. 10AM: Healthy Fall Meals! 11AM: Digital Scrapbooking! SWEET! I am reasonably confident that I do not need to pack bandaids and Neosporin for this activity. Absolutely beautiful...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Top 5 reasons I'm a slacker blogger

Reason #5: I can't do it over my lunch break anymore.
My lunch break used to be my prime blogging time. But my desk is out in the collection, so I can't exactly close the door, and it feels unprofessional to have blogger open where everyone can see it, even if I'm off the clock.
Reason #4: I'm in DC.
If I get off work early, it is just too tempting to run over to the National Portrait Gallery.
Reason #3: Too much homework.
I'm trying to wrap up my degree by the end of the year, so I've had a killer homework load, and will have a killer homework load until mid-December. Yuck.
Reason #2: No camera cable.

We never did find our camera cable after we moved, so I can't post my pictures. There have been several interesting things that I've wanted to blog about, but I keep telling myself that it would be better to wait until I find the cable. And then I don't, so I never blog.
Reason #1: Pregnancy zaps your energy.
That's right. This is my blogging announcement that I'm expecting. I'm due in early February. It is really exciting and terrifying all at the same time (full post on that later), but the timing is perfect, and I'm really excited to move onto this new phase in my life. No regrets at all. But morning sickness is not conducive to blogging. Actually, sitting in front of the television and trying not to barf is about the only thing conducive to morning sickness. I've been very, very lucky in that my morning sickness hits in the evening, so it hasn't interfered with my work schedule. But by the time I've finished work and homework, my body is done for the day, and the only thing left I can handle is watching Scrubs re-runs. Not only do I not have energy to blog, but I'm too tired to do something interesting I can blog about.

Well, now that my secret is out (a.k.a. "I've finally called my immediate relatives whose phone number I can locate") , expect some pregnancy-themed posts, because this is a funny time, and I think it will make for some funny posts that many of you can relate to.