Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Emily Update

Emily loves suspense. Her favorite games involve waiting – counting to three and then “running races” around the kitchen; playing fetch with her ball (she waits until I tell her to go get the ball, then runs off giggling to get it); slowly moving towards her and kiss attacking her when I get there. That kind of thing. I think she’ll be the kind that likes surprises on Christmas.

Emily loves frozen peas. And when I say frozen peas, I don’t mean reheated frozen peas – I mean straight from the freezer. I have to give them in small doses because once they have thawed, she hands them back to me because she doesn’t want them. Pretty much every time I get something out of the freezer, she sobs until I give her some. I know I shouldn’t be teaching her that she gets her way when she cries, but really, how am I supposed to turn down a child that is distraught because I won’t give her vegetables? It’s OK as long as I’m consistent about ignoring her tantrums in other areas, right?

Emily’s hair is constantly crazy (the nice hair in this picture is courtesy of Keli, who loves doing hair and doesn’t care that it just gets undone). I can’t keep any hair item in her hair for more than an hour, if that. She pulls off hair ties and wears them around her wrist. She pulls off headbands and breaks them. Hairclips wind up in her mouth within two minutes. I know I should give in and just give her bangs, but it is so close to being long enough to stay behind her ears that I keep holding off. Good thing the other kids her age don’t care that she looks unkempt, right? She still has plenty of little boy admirers.

She still loves being outside. It has been hard for me to admit that I’ve got too much pregnancy burnout to spend hours outside with her like I used to, but she still thinks going on walks is the best thing in the world.

Dogs are her current obsession. She doesn’t want them touching her (lesson learned from taking her through the “adopt a dog” fair going on in front of PetSmart), but she loves watching them, and proudly announcing “dog” and “arf.” Truth be told, if I need a break, I put on some of those “how to train your dog” videos you can find on hulu. She loves it.

Her vocabulary is growing. She can now say: yes, no, dog, ball, cat, bird, head, eye, nose, wall (I have no idea where that came from), ready, bottle, uh oh, whoa, popcorn (well, “pa,” but we know what she means), mama, dada, and book. While she pretty much only uses words as descriptors, I am excited that the day is coming soon that I can understand what she’s thinking.
So that's a little of what she's been up to in recent weeks.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Popcorn Popping

My friend Elizabeth and I had the same due date last go around. So I found it really funny when I checked out her blog the other day and saw that she'd posted a video of her little guy doing popcorn popping, because I'd been planning to post a video of Emily doing the same thing. Ignore the crazy hair and mismatched clothes.