Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today I'm incredibly grateful for my family.

I'm grateful for a husband who watches the kiddos so I can socialize with friends at our thanksgiving get-together, and who, when my daughter eats popcorn and drinks juice to the point of vomiting for the second time this month, plops her in the bathtub and starts cleaning the couch cushions without complaining or even being asked.

I'm grateful for a daughter that, despite having a rough time with all the changes of recent weeks, loves giving her brother kisses and hugs.

I'm grateful for a son that is a champion sleeper. He even gives me seven hours some nights! He is a good natured little guy, and I'm so grateful he's here.

I'm grateful for parents and parents-in-law that have come out to help. My bathrooms are immaculate, my daughter magically puts herself to sleep now, and I had a blast spending time with these wonderful people. How wonderful is it to have such good relationships with both your parents and your in-laws?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things I’d forgotten about life with a newborn

  • How many diapers you can go through in the process of a diaper change

  • Therefore, how quickly you can go through an 84 pack of diapers

  • Something will always be soaking in oxyclean
  • That you need have everything you need within reach before you start nursing

  • The adorable noises newborns make

  • The different kind of love you have for a newborn. You haven’t had much time for building a relationship, so in a lot of ways, it is based on their absolute dependency on and trust in you. Not a bad love, but different than you experience with anyone else.

  • Everything else that I’m too tired to remember because I’ve been taking care of a newborn.


Two weeks late, but here are some Halloween photos.

She didn't want to wear her hood, but here's Emily dressed like a cow.

You know your costume was a success when people see you and say, "Oh, YOU'RE Miss Conception! I keep hearing about your costume."

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Family Photo

We're still working on getting everyone looking at the camera at the same time, but between these two shots, you can see our family of four.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby Elliot is here

More details later, but I just wanted to announce that Elliot Robert has made his 8 pound, 11 ounce debut. Seven minutes of pushing, baby. I'm that awesome. We're all doing well, and Emily loves being a big sister. Our biggest sibling issue at the moment is that she wants to bring him things while he's sleeping, and doesn't understand why we want to let him nap. Even though I know I'm in over my head, it already feels like he belongs in our family, and it feels so good to have all of us home together.

P.S. Just a reminder to not put our last name in any comments. I want to keep my blog public, but if my personal info comes out in the comments, I'm going to make the change to private. Thanks!