Thursday, May 27, 2010


This past weekend, we met up with Cristie and her family in Philadelphia and did the tourist thing - Liberty Bell, US Mint, Independence Hall, Franklin's grave, etc. This shot is Emily climbing the stairs of Independence Hall. I thought Philadelphia was absolutely charming, and it was fun to see my grandparents' old stomping grounds.

We bought Emily her first pair of shoes the night before the trip, and she loved getting to walk around outside like a big girl. It was really fun seeing her interact with her cousins, who are so good to her.

And of course, how could you go to Philly without getting a cheesesteak? A funny moment from the drive up: Rob asked me what the history of the Liberty Bell was, and my mind went absolutely blank. Then he jokingly asked me what the history of the cheesesteak was, and I started rattling off the story of Pat and his desire for a break from selling hot dogs at his roadside stand, and inventing the cheesesteak. Can you tell what I was looking forward to on this trip?

As I finished this post, I realized none of my earlier shots actually showed something distinctly Philadelphian, so here is the Liberty Bell with Independence Hall in the background.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Since there has been a dearth of pictures recently...

Looks like Emily has some competition for her playhouse...

Grandpa came into town for business, and it was wonderful having him here, even if it was a short visit. Sadly, I didn't take many good pictures, but here they are enjoying a noise machine together.

My friend Rachel from WAY back (we went to middle school together) accompanied her husband into the district on a business trip, so we met up at the botanical gardens. It was great to see her and catch up. :) It was also great to go on an outing with somebody more pregnant than I was, so I didn't feel like as much of a wimp.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The good life

Can I just say that life is good? Today I'm going to follow Cristie's lead and do a "things I'm grateful for" post.

1 - This part is vicarious, but I've had two sets of really good friends that have been in the job market for a very, very long time, and I've found out today that both sets have been offered jobs! Not only offered jobs, but offered really good jobs they are excited about it, and in locations where they were hoping to find work (one of them here in the DC metro!). They are awesome people that deserve awesome jobs, and I'm so excited for them, you'd think it was me being offered the job or something.

2 - I'm loving watching Emily toddle about. She's starting to get the hang of this walking thing, and I love watching her determination and enthusiasm for it.

3 - I'm grateful Emily is taking a nap right now. She's a much happier kid when she naps.

4 - I'm grateful for my new calling at church (mormons serve in different capacities at church, at the invitation of the bishop after his prayerful consideration): primary pianist. Can I just say "dream calling"? I'm contributing in a meaningful way to kids' spiritual growth, but in a Sunday-only capacity. No weeknight activities to plan. No organizational meetings to attend. No scheduling time off of work to go to camps. No maintaining order in the classroom. No feeling that the needs of the people I'm working with are so big, I could spend every waking hour helping them, and it wouldn't be enough. I simply practice a concrete list of songs, show up on Sunday, play them, and don't worry about it again until the next week. Don't get me wrong, I've loved other capacities I've served in, I've grown a lot in them, I'd do them again in a heartbeat, etc, but right now, this sounds completely refreshing.

5 - I'm grateful that people are so friendly in my new neighborhood and congregation. I was a little worried about being further in the suburbs without a car during the day, but people are frequently calling to offer me rides to assorted activities, and I didn't expect that to happen so quickly. And I'm grateful I live close enough to my friends in my old congregation that I can still see them at book group every month.

Friday, May 7, 2010

A completely completely frivolous post...

... because the past week has been spent with the flu circling through our house, and no one wants to hear me write about that. So instead, I'm going to blog about assorted TV shows and books I've been watching/reading recently. You won't be missing much if you skip this post, but I just wanted to stay in the habit of writing.

Anybody else think this last episode was the directors showing off the fact their cast is so darn good that they can take some of the most painfully bad music out there and make a great episode? Seriously, how does Lea Michelle take a song like "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and perform it so well that I rewind it and watch it two more times in a row? OK, and Jonathan Groff's angry ballet thing also really worked for me for some inexplicable reason. But anyways, I was ecstatic to see Emma finally give Will what's coming to him. Twice. Loved it.

The Office
I haven't watched this since before I moved, and I haven't missed it. I feel like the show has gotten so caught up in the relationship stuff that it is forgetting what makes it great - the fact you can watch it and laugh at your own crazy workplace. I relate to stuff like getting jazzed about pretzel day, sucking at the game that everyone in your office plays incessantly, and rivalries between different departments. Pregnancy contracts? Um, not so much. Someone tell me if it gets good again.

Percy Jackson
My cousin Sammy got me reading these, and I'm really enjoying them. Yeah, in a lot of ways, it seems like a Harry Potter knock off, but a lot of the similarities go with the adventure genre, and Riordan makes this world his own. I also think it is fun to learn about the Titans. I'd never really heard anything about them before, and now I find myself wanting to learn more.

OK, Emily is still refusing her nap, so I'm going to save her from her crib. Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to write about soon.