Friday, October 29, 2010

39 weeks

I've never been 39 weeks pregnant before. Emily arrived about two weeks early, so this is a new experience. People ask my due date, and I can say "Tuesday." My belly has reached new levels of impressiveness. Sorry, I'm too lazy to go get the camera to take a picture. I've progressed from having friends I haven't seen for a few weeks say, "wow, you're getting BIG," to random strangers at the grocery store saying, "wow, you're going to have that baby any day now, aren't you?" Love it when people think out loud. Anyways, this time around I actually have easy dinners stocked in my freezer, my hospital bag is packed, and we won't have to make any mad dashes to Target on the way home, so he'll probably stick around until Christmas or something.

A fun perk is that unless I go into labor in the next 24 hours, I'm going do Halloween uberpregnant (it seems to be a weekend-long holiday around here). I was so sure the little guy would already be here that I didn't really make plans, but I think this could be awesome. I'm currently planning to steal Sarah's costume from several years back and dress like a beauty queen with a sash that says "Miss Conception." The only difference is I won't have to stuff a pillow in my dress to look knocked up like she did. I'm also trying to figure out how I could dress up like an oven (for bun in the oven) and have Rob dress as a baker. I might be able to do something with a cardboard box, but that does involve craftiness, which isn't my strong suit. I'm definitely not planning to paint my belly like some women do. Yuck. My stretch marks are way too terrifying for that, even if the true meaning of Halloween is fear.

An even bigger perk is that my parents are arriving tomorrow! My dad will only be here for a week, so here's hoping the little guy makes his appearance before he leaves. But between relatives, I'm going to have about three weeks of help around, and I am incredibly grateful for that.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Don't worry - I have no intention of dressing my little guy up in frilly pink dresses. But I've realized there are plenty of baby items that I really don't care enough to spend money on replacing pink with blue. Among them:
  • Burp cloths. I wear them, not him.
  • Diaper pail. OK, it is mostly white, but it has a pink handle, and I am just fine with keeping that in his room.
  • Towels. He's wrapped in them for all of 30 seconds before we put a new diaper on him. Tough. Adults put pink towels in their bathrooms all the time, and men still dry their hands on them.
  • Boppy cover. The pillow wears it, not him. And the other one is blue and green striped.
So what do you think? Will he hate me when he's a teenager and sees pictures of himself wrapped in a white towel with pink bubbles?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Counting Down

In seventeen days, doctors predict the little guy will make his appearance. Little by little, we’re chipping away at making room for him in our lives. Some things are concrete – newborn diapers are stacked near the changing table, drawers of pink clothes have been replaced with blue, and broken pumping accessories have been ordered. The less concrete ones are trickier, and therefore not quite done – trying to break Emily of her rocking-to-sleep routine so the glider can be moved to his room for the late nights, getting Emily more used to mommy being busy, and persuading myself we’ll all survive these first few months.

Truth be told, I’m downright terrified about the change to two children. I’d never really planned on having kids this close together, and there are so many things I thought Emily would be able to do by the time her little sibling came - not cook her own lasagna or anything, but I thought at least she would go to bed at a predictable time. While with only a newborn in the house, there were only small windows I needed to be fully functional (which was hard enough), Emily won’t stop needing me while the baby naps. And creating structure is probably my biggest parenting weakness, and it will be harder to function without it when there are two little people to manage. People ask me if I’m anxious to be done with this pregnancy, and my honest response is that I’m in no hurry because this little guy is a lot easier to take care of inside of me than out.

I’m working hard at mentally preparing myself. And the thing I have come to realize is there is so much to look forward to. I’m excited to get to meet this little person and see how he tries to make sense of the world. I’m excited to watch Emily become a big sister, and watch her and the little guy build their own relationship over the years. And once the little guy is old enough to do more than eat and poop, the idea of a ready-made playmate for Emily sounds glorious. But overall, it has been good to look back at how much fun I’ve had with Emily, how much I’ve learned from raising her, and how much I love her, and recognize I’m about to have all that goodness times two.