Thursday, June 9, 2011

What we've been up to

May was the month for having my family in town. My younger brother came to town to visit, and it was wonderful getting to spend extended amounts of time with him for the first time in years. Sadly, the kiddos were sick while he was here, and he was a remarkably good sport about everything - cleaning poop blowouts when I wasn't around, not freaking out when my daughter barfed red powerade all over the couch, not minding cancelling tourist outings, etc. I wasn't the host I wanted to be, but we did get to spend a day at Baltimore's Inner Harbor together, which was a good time. My dad also came out for a few days for a business trip, and although it was sad he had to go to work during the day, we love that the government paid his airfare to get to hang out with us for a few evenings.

The kids are growing and changing all the time. Elliot can roll himself pretty much anywhere he wants to go, and loves exploring. His current favorite thing is trying to eat paper, and his least favorite thing is when we stop him. Or maybe naps. Emily is loving the warmer weather and wants to be outside 24/7. I would not be surprised if she gets really into track when she is older because her favorite activities are running in circles, running races across the church gym, and and being outdoors. She definitely in the midst of the terrible twos, but she is learning new things all the time, and it is fun to see. She loves blowing bubbles, sidewalk chalk, coloring, and of course, Elmo. Speaking of the terrible twos, I have a tantrum to deal with. I'm off.