Friday, July 29, 2011

Down on the farm

My parents are in town (dad for work, mom for play), so we did a fun outing at Siberia Great Country Farms in Bluemont. We picked blackberries and peaches, and we visited the farm animals. I was nervous Emily would be too shy to get into it, but I forgot that this is my child that loves making animal noises and putting things in containers. She was in paradise. She walked right up to the goats and started petting them, blew kisses at all the other animals, and proudly picked, carried and ate her blackberries. Now I just need to persuade my parents to move out here so we can do this more often...

Monday, July 11, 2011


If May was the month for spending time with my family, June (and early July) was the month for Rob's. We drove down to South Carolina for Rob's dad's wedding, time with his siblings, and time at the beach. The ceremony was lovely, my new mother-in-law is really nice, the kids did awesome in the car (thank you to everyone who suggested rolling out new toys gradually - worked like a charm) and the beach was a blast. And I always love how drama-free and fun it is when Rob's siblings get together. Their senses of humor mesh well, and everyone is really conscientious towards each other. Hooray for good in-laws!

After we got back, the fabulous Charles family came and visited us for a few days. We played hard, hitting lots of DC monuments and museums, including some sites I actually hadn't been to before, like Ford's Theater. And for those of you in the DC metro, the Calder exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery was fascinating. We've really missed the Charles since they moved from Baltimore, and it was great to hang out like old times.