Friday, February 18, 2011

What we've been up to...

..starting from youngest to oldest.

Elliot's current favorite activities are being lifted up and down, having someone sing activity songs to him, and helping him wave his arms around in a dance. He's got a charming laugh and a smile that lights up his whole face. He's enormous. OK, upper 75th percentile, but still, how did that come out of Rob and me? He outgrew a size 6 month sleeper the other day - not sure I'm ready for that. He's still a champion sleeper, which makes life beautiful for me.

Emily's vocabulary is growing every day. My favorite addition is her repeating "careful" over and over when she does crazy stunts. She loves to march in circles while I sing or play the radio. She loves her brother. She likes to push him in his swing, pat his head, and excitedly say "oh, hi man!" when I bring him into the room (apparently I call him "little man" more than I call him Elliot). She loves making block towers and then exclaiming that they are big. She loves Elmo more than life itself. She cries when we leave church nursery, and when we drop Rob off at cub scouts and she doesn't get to go to the nursery. She was very excited that we had a few warm days this week and could return to her favorite place on earth - the playground.

Rob and I have been working on getting order in our lives. We're buckling down and working on financial planning goals, organizing closets, and making plans for our personal development. While I still feel like I don't have as strong of a handle on things as I'd like, it is really empowering to make concrete steps in the right direction. And really, what mother of a 3 month old and toddler feels like she has a handle on life?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My favorite part of parenting is watching the personality and interests of my children develop. Part of that is watching Rob's and my quirks manifesting themselves in these children. This picture demonstrates that Emily has genetically inherited one of her mom's deep-held beliefs: that bell peppers are a beautiful and delicious food that deserve to be eaten like an apple. The best part is she's never actually seen me do that (although I have been known to). She has also inherited my adoration of grapefruits, which poor Rob simply can't understand. But on a less facetious level, I'm very grateful Emily has inherited Rob's willingness to serve and empathy, and my love of books and family.