Monday, September 23, 2013

Me, on pinterest

I'm not a huge pinterest user, but I thought it would be interesting to see what my boards say about me. Here's my analysis:

My biggest board is "fun with kids," and I've used lots of its ideas. My smallest board is "my hair sucks - try this." Um, I haven't tried any of its ideas. Yes, my hair still sucks.

My "recipes to try" folder is twice the size of my "I'd make this again" board. 60% of my “recipes to try” folder is dessert/snack – 25% of my “I'd make this again” is dessert/snack. I have separate boards for trifles and CSA veggie recipes. That balances out, right?

My favorite pin is "40 ways to entertain your kids while lying down.” Every mom should have some of those up her sleeves for pregnancy, sickness, or sleepless nights.

I have a board for preschool lesson planning that I've used a ton, and one for “easy wall art” where I've gone to Michael's several times intending to start projects, and then chickened out. I'd love to have artistic skill. Same with my “shade garden” board. I panic once I'm at the nursery.  

I have no exercise or interior design boards. Take that as you will. 

What do your boards say about you?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Life, lately

Well, hello there. I've been spewing periodic photos, updates, and musings on life into cyberspace from time to time, but I haven't talked much about what normal life is like, so here it is.

Work has been keeping us busy. Things have calmed for awhile, but Rob was working lawyer hours for a good long stretch of time there. I managed, but I rather like knowing I'll see him on any given day. I've also been enjoying teaching my classes. My current one is especially meaningful, as I have a lot of low scorers that I think I've pushed into average college admission range, and it feels great to make that kind of impact. I'm planning to start phasing out now and only take on tutoring students until the baby comes, so it feels good to start my break on a good note.

Church has also been keeping us busy. Rob was called as EQ secretary, and I'm a counselor in the primary presidency, which I am loving. It's funny. They released me from my calling as primary pianist, and I was feeling all kinds of anxiety about having to go to grownup church again. Between callings and nursing babies, the last time I went to RS regularly was 2006. I love primary. I love focusing on the core parts of the gospel. I love seeing the way the gospel works in children's lives, and how essential it is. So instead of feeling overwhelmed about cub scout training or panicking about having to keep dozens of kids under control regularly, I was just excited I didn't have to leave. My co-presidency members are awesome women, and we're going to have fun.

We had our ultrasound, and the baby's gender is … unknown. The kid would not uncurl from the fetal position. Honestly, it bummed me out. I'm one of those people that has a hard time making the coming baby a reality, and in the past, knowing the gender was a huge jump – being able to say “her” instead of “it.” Plus, it makes tracking down the clothes I've loaned to three different family members trickier. Emily was also crazy depressed. Like, she cried about it when we got to the car. She's still praying every night that the baby will let us know if its a boy or a girl. :) Elliot is calmly assured that it is a boy, despite our assurances that we don't know. But it is fine. I already have the stuff for both, and I'll get to have the same kind of surprise moment women have had for thousands of years, so I'll call it historical education or something.

Emily starts her new preschool soon, and she's stoked. She gets excited when we drive past the building. She loves her stack of school supplies. She asks me all the time how many days until she can go. She is raring to go. Elliot's current loves are zoos, cooking, and latter-day prophets.

That's all I have time for right now, but that's a quick run down.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

30 Life Lessons

I recently had one of those milestone birthdays, so I decided to indulge in a little navel gazing and think about what I've learned over the years. :) Feel free to skip this one if that sounds too heavy/narcissistic.

30 lessons learned in my first 30 years of life:

1 – Live life with gratitude. Life is more beautiful when you notice what others are doing for you, rather than what they aren't.
2 – The atonement isn't a box you check after you've stopped yourself from screwing up. It is meant to be used from the second you decide you want to change throughout the whole changing process.
3 – Just because someone experiences something differently than I do doesn't mean it isn't valid and doesn't mean I can't learn from it.
4 – Don't storm off when a relationship/organization does something you don't like. If there's still goodness there, stay and be a part of the solution.
5 – I don't need my heroes to be shiny. My heroes are flawed humans. Just because they've done or believed messed up things doesn't mean I can't learn from their lives.
6 – Sleep is amazing. All those fun things I thought I'd rather do than sleep? Not as good as sleep.
7 – If I want something about my life to change, the first thing I have to change is myself.
8 – I'm an introvert. I'm much happier when I acknowledge that and give myself solitude to recharge.
9 – I need books in my life. And book lovers.
10 – Trying to tear down somebody else's opinions rarely works. Respectful, mutual sharing of our own opinions usually shifts both people's opinions.
11 – My family is all kinds of awesome. By blood, by marriage, and by choice, I lucked out big time.
12 – Few things are as attractive as kindness, integrity, and being comfortable in your own skin.
13 – You don't have to love every moment of parenting, but if you're watchful for moments of beauty and grace, you'll see them everywhere.
14 – People will never cease to surprise me with their capacity for goodness, or with their capacity for cruelty. It is important to acknowledge both.
15 – Camping and hiking are a lot more fun in beautiful places. Turns out, when I'm not hiking through corn fields, I love it!
16 - Usually when I feel like God isn't answering my questions, it is because I am asking the wrong ones, or I've limited my range of possible answers to my questions.
17 – You live with the consequences of your choices, so make your choices for your own reasons, not someone else's.
18 – Order your life around what you value most, and give others the freedom to do the same.
19 – Rather than agonizing about creating the perfect learning environment from your kids, pull them into the things you love (without forcing it). Let them see you pursue your passions, and they will find the confidence to discover and pursue their own.
20 – When it comes to parenting, I love Wendy Mogel's philosophy: Moderation, Celebration, Sanctification. In other words, keep a balance, look for the joy, and make what you're already doing holy.
21 - I love to cook, but not to bake. Measuring spoons wear me out, and you're often expected to make it look pretty. No one cares if your soup isn't frosted perfectly.
22 – It's much more productive to see what my skill set can bring to a job/calling instead of dwelling on the skills I don't have.
23 – Spituppy babies + bibs = sanity.
24 – I like teaching. It's fun to build people.
25 – I love hearing people talk about their passions, even if they aren't my passions, because I see the person in a new way when I see their enthusiasm.
26 – Living in new places helps me see new sides of myself and the world I live in.
27 – Reading and writing helps me make sense of the world around me.
28 – Give people the benefit of the doubt, but don't be a doormat.
29 – If you're creative about it, you can squeeze a lot of learning into your life.

30 – Make memories. Even if they turn out disastrous, you can laugh about them together.