Saturday, November 2, 2013

Grandma visit!

We had a great time when my mom came out to visit a few weeks ago (even though the government shutdown cancelled my dad's business trip out here for the same time window - boo).
We cooked and ate delicious food (with adorable aprons my mom brought). 

We went to Cox Farms and had a great time on the slides, hayride, rope swing, and corn maze. My kids look forward to this every year (they start asking about it as soon as the leaves turn), and I think it is a great tradition.
 We went to Lake Accotink and enjoyed seeing turtles, snakes, ducks, and a heron out on the water.
We crafted like fiends, which my kids thoroughly enjoy. :) My mom and I are not crafters, so we're still confused how it got in the kids' genetic material, but I think we did a great job providing the kids with good materials and fun projects.

We also took the kids to their first movie in the theater (Planes), went to a carnival, played at the playground, enjoyed the bounties of the dollar store, and my mom and I had our own movie night. We loved having her out here. Hooray for grandma time!