Monday, December 30, 2013

November and December

Wow, this has been my worst year for blogging productivity yet. Here are our updates from the past two months.

We just had another ultrasound, and the verdict is – a girl! They think. There isn't much moving room left for this little one, but that is their best guess. I'm really glad to know. The reality that there will actually be a little person coming out of me in the next few weeks has finally set in. We've finally started assembling the crib, locating the carseat, and all that other good stuff. It is weird to think that I'll technically be full term this Friday. I've forgotten so much about what precisely one does with a newborn.

We've enjoyed a few small snows, and the kids have adored playing in it. I went sledding for the first time with them, and it was a wild success. Our other seasonal fun has been my annual tradition of taking the kids downtown to see the trains at the Botanical Gardens, the lights at the LDS temple, making cookies, and our annual Christmas Eve dance party where the kids make shakers, Rob and I play piano and guitar, and the kids dance around with their shakers while we play Christmas songs. I've really enjoyed making our own family traditions for different holidays.

Christmas was a hit with the kids. You know you and your family hit it out of the park with gift selections when your kids don't even ask to eat their Christmas candy until 3:45 because they are having too much fun with their new stuff. I've always felt like I really suck at gift giving, but I've been working at it, and I think I'm getting a lot better at it.

Rob and I celebrated another anniversary by having an overnight date in Old Town Alexandria (thanks, Pretty Mahana, for watching our kids!). I love that I can be absolutely myself with him, and he loves me all the more for it.

Preschool has been a wild success with Emily. I love her program. It is at an area high school, so she always has a teenager assigned to be with her, and they are graded on how well they do it. She's in paradise. She tells me that some of her friends go to preschool, but she loves her teenagers most of all. Add the mass volume of crafts they do there, and she's a happy, happy kid. And Elliot can't wait for his turn next year. He literally cried the whole way home the first six days we dropped Emily off.

Happy new year, everyone!