Saturday, August 17, 2013

Family time, and an announcement

I've been blessed with an awesome family. Have I mentioned that before? In July, we spent 10 fabulous days in Utah with family. We went to the rodeo, rode horses, floated on rafts, swam, went to family reunions, visited the zoo, and just strengthened our relationships and watched the kids form new ones. Nothing beats watching your kids being silly with their extended family. Maybe getting to spend time with them yourself.
In other news, I know I've mentioned it to many of you via other channels, but since I haven't talked about it here, I'll share that we're expecting baby number 3 in January! I'll find out the gender in early September. It's been interesting to me how different each pregnancy is. With Emily, I was crazy sick for several months and had all kinds of weird food aversions. With Elliot, my stomach was fine, but I slept like a sloth. This time around, I've had intense cravings, which have luckily died down now that I'm in the second trimester. I wanted hamburgers around the clock. I've done the cliché drive to Wendy's at 10pm to get a hamburger because I knew I couldn't sleep without one - I'd just lie in bed for hours thinking about hamburgers. Actually, maybe less cliché because I didn't send Rob to get it, as that would take too long - I'd down those bad boys in the parking lot.
It's been fun watching the kids this time around. Emily was way too little to understand when I was pregnant with Elliot, but the kids get it now. They are excited, and Emily tells everyone she meets about it (yeah, we couldn't keep it quiet for long after telling her). Emily loves it when I get out the What to Expect book and tell her how big the baby is now, and Elliot asks me questions about the baby in my tummy.
We'll be in over out heads, but we're excited all the same.