Friday, February 21, 2014

Family life, as family size increases

On Laundry:

Child 1: I'm washing laundry every day because I don't know how to slow my crazy milk production and everything is perpetually covered in spit up.

Child 2: Something is always soaking in Oxiclean

Child 3: I've been washing the same laundry load for three days because I keep forgetting to move it to the dryer.

On Sleep Training:

Child 1: I could never let me baby cry it out – that is so heartless!

Child 2: I know you need sleep. You know you need sleep. If you insist on waking up the second your head hits the mattress, you're just going to scream until you fall asleep again.

Child 3: Oops, I was so busy pulling my 3 year old off my 5 year old, cooking dinner, and coordinating a meeting over the phone that I just Ferbered my baby without meaning to.

On the advice to bond with your child by watching them nurse:

Child 1: I'm so painfully engorged, bonding is the last thing that would happen if I watched the feed.

Child 2: Finally, some “me” time – I'm going to read a book!

Child 3: Yes, the older kids are busy, and I'm going to enjoy some one-on-one time with this little girl by watching her eat.

At some point I'll write a real update, but things are going well. Charlotte is a really good baby, my family has been awesome at making sure I get some sleep, and Emily and Elliot are adjusting pretty well. I'm enjoying this new, busy, beautiful life.