Friday, April 25, 2014


:) I'll start with the baby photo because I know that's what most of you come here for.

Charlotte is at my favorite phase for babies: old enough to sleep through the night, smile, and coo, but not able to crawl around and get into mischief. Not to make y'all jealous, but I got an awesome baby. She usually sleeps for at least 10 hours at night (she's done 14). She has a powerful gentleness about her, and she's really go-with-the flow. She adores being held and holding onto hair. We've finally persuaded her to take bottles when needed. I feel so blessed to have a healthy, happy baby.

Emily adores being a big sister. She's told me that Charlotte is her best friend, and she tells me, "I love Charlotte the most. Not you. Not daddy. But don't worry, I still love myself." (At least the girl has self-esteem, right?). It is fun that she's old enough that she can really help. When Charlotte wakes up partway through cooking dinner, and Emily can hold her and give her a pacifier, I think to myself, "why don't all babies come with big sisters?" Both kids love Charlotte's interactive phase. They drop whatever they are doing and come running if they can tell Charlotte is having a smiley period, and laugh and laugh every time she smiles at them.

I feel so blessed the transition to three has gone so smoothly.

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miss independent said...

what an absolutley darling story!!!!! SO CUTE!!!! and I love that picture.. and I am not jealous at all that you have a good baby! I am so happy for you!!!! :) love you and hope to see you soon .. I will call you today about Cinco de Mayo!